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Print reproduction of Alicia Bay Laurel's mystical watercolor painting "Zephyr," which portrays the goddess Aphrodite (Venus) lounging on the surface of a tropical sea, with the warm and gentle west wind, Zephyr, whispering in her ear. 

"I love her! She’s absolutely magical!"
Yeshe Matthews
Priestess at Mt Shasta Goddess Temple
Dunsmuir, California

Inspired by Botticelli's "Birth of Venus," but, in accordance with Greek myth, Alicia portrayed Aphrodite as born from seafoam, floating upon the sea.  Alicia's favorite modernist painter, Henri Matisse, also interpreted Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" as the larger-than-lifesize painting, "Luxe," which hangs in the Musée National d'Art Moderne in Paris, France.

Alicia's print, Zephyr, is framed in blue matt board with a teal inner board. The outer dimensions are 16" by 20" - a standard size for frames, so that, instead of needing to order a custom frame, one can purchase an inexpensive frame ready made in an art supply store.  The matted print is inside a large cellophane sleeve - please remove the sleeve before framing.

I took a photo of a Zephyr print hanging in friend's home, and then realized they'd changed the matt boards to match their color scheme.  The matted prints I have come with the blue outer matt and teal inner matt.

Packaged in a large, flat, rigid container to protect the print.