Personalized inscription of your Being of the Sun book (digital download)

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Alicia and Ramón are not doing any live book events until after the pandemic is over, but they can still sign your new copy of Being of the Sun, which you can buy here.  We can also make you an inscription page for a book you already own.

Here's how that works:

1. You pay for the inscription and download the template.
2. You choose how you would like the inscription worded (to you or to someone else, or to no one else because you don't know to whom you will give the book yet).
3. You choose a greeting and/or a short message, or just leave that up to Alicia.
4. You send this information to Alicia at
5. Alicia hand letters the inscription page, adds her signature and Ramón's, adds a month and year, scans it, adds the background and ink colors, and sends it to you via email as a high-density color scan (typically a .jpg file at 300 dpi - although a .pdf or .tif file can be prepared instead if you prefer).
6. You print the inscription page on good quality white 8 1/2 by 11-inch paper, and place it inside the front cover, facing the title page, of which it is an extension.  Please save the file; if the inscription page gets lost or damaged, you can always print another one.

This graphic shows the inscription page template next to the title page so that you can see how they become one illustration.