Shakespeare's The Tempest: A New Age Adaptation, by Michael Fleck, illustrated by Alicia Bay Laurel, 1979

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In 1976, Michael Fleck, while working as the chairman of the drama department at Maui Community College, conceived of a multi-media theatrical production of Shakespeare's The Tempest, blending the characters and dialogue of the original play with the current pitched battle between real estate development companies and the people fighting to protect Maui's precious land - indigenous Hawaiians, alarmed environmentalists, counterculture people from around the world, and the spirits of nature whose voices they all heard.

Since Alicia Bay Laurel was then living on Maui, and her illustrated books conveyed the feelings of this second group, Michael Fleck asked her to make a monochrome pen and ink drawing for the cover of the program notes for the play. 

When members of the cast saw her drawing, they all wanted it silk-screened onto their t-shirts.   A silk screen with the drawing was prepared, and cast members brought their own clothing to be printed with the drawing. 

Maui's best actors, dancers, singers, costume designers and set designers collaborated on the production. The show, which opened in 1977, was a hit, with standing room only every night.

The following year, Michael Fleck approached New Age Press, in Los Angeles, to publish the play as a book, and, in 1979, the book was released.  The program notes cover drawing became the book cover, enlivened by Alicia's watercolor overlay.  She also drew ten monochrome ink line interior illustrations.

Only a few of this historic artifact of Maui's colorful 1970s counterculture remain.