My God Loves Your God bumpersticker, created by Stefanie Farago

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Back in the 1990s, my wild woman/visual artist friend, the late Stefanie Farago, created these deep purple-blue bumperstickers, bearing this wonderful message. I admired them, and she gave me a stack of them.  I still have 28 left.  If this message resonates with your being, you can order one here.  I am thinking about getting some of them laminated to be refrigerator magnets.

For me, this message differs from "Namasté" (Sanskrit for "the presence of God in me recognizes the presence of God in you"), and "Dios es Amor" ("God is Love") - both great and uplifting messages.  It presents the Infinite Divine as a personality that offers love unconditionally.  

Size: 11 inches by 4 inches