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Originally published in 1973
, Being of the Sun is a totally hand-lettered and lavishly illustrated guide to creating your own spiritual path, including practices Alicia Bay Laurel and Ramón Sender Barayón adapted from pre-historic nature worship plus the ceremonial music they imagined to accompany them. 

Widely read for decades by wiccans, pagans, and Druids, and beloved in Japan, where Shinto, another animistic nature religion, is practiced in addition to Buddhism, Being of the Sun also (unknowingly) recalls the 19th century European nature/nudist/vegan cults that were the ancestors of the 20th century hippies (about which Alicia later learned from Gordon Kennedy's wonderful book, Children of the Sun.) 

Alicia's illustrations for Being of the Sun have been reproduced on high fashion clothing in Japan. The spiritual songs and chants, created separately and in collaboration by composer/philosopher Ramón Sender Barayón and singer/songwriter Alicia Bay Laurel, have been performed as a part of North American indigenous peyote rituals, as part of Nicholas Alva's stage show "Morningstar, the Musical," in the soundtracks of documentaries about Alicia and about Ramón, and on their album, Songs from Being of the Sun, available here in this store.

Feast on Ramón's musical lore about scales, modes, drones, and combining music with sounds of nature.  Learn how to sing overtones, tune your zither, and create a drone orchestra, a sun strobe, a bamboo root oboe, a May pole, a harvest goddess doll, a yoga routine or a meditation altar.

Being of the Sun is also available here in a Japanese translation.

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