"Des Del Silenci" whole album mp3 digital download by Joe Gallivan and Ektal Ensemble

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The year was 1998.  Three Gnawan (Moroccan with central African influence) musicians known as Nas Marrakech gathered with two avant-garde jazz musicians from Catalunia and two from the USA in a castle outside of Barcelona to record an unrehearsed, improvised album, based on blended forms from world ethnic music and avant garde jazz - without multiple takes or overdubbing. 

Joe Gallivan, who had been leading groups recording in this genre since the 1970s, lent his arranging and conducting expertise to the project, while also playing drums.  Leading the charge are the extraordinary Catalan trumpet master, Benet Palet, and Moroccan super-vocalist/percussionist Abdeljalil Koddsi.  Supporting with solid grooves are Spanish hand percussionist Martí Perramón and US bassist Chris Robert Merryman.  Adding the pungent central and north African atmosphere are M’Hammed Ennoji on traditional hand percussion, and Moulay Sherif on mandolin, oud, vocals and krakebs.

The Spanish music press responded to the recording with superlatives, and the group performed in the Madrid Jazz Festival and at the Mercat des Flors in Barcelona.