"Night Vision" album - Joe Gallivan & Brian Cuomo - avant-jazz (digital download)

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Video above: Title track of the album, with Joe Gallivan on drums, and Brian Cuomo on piano. The photos are of Joe Gallivan through the many decades of his working life as an analog synth pioneer, drummer and percussionist, concertizing around the world. The video was assembled by Jessica King as part of an art exhibition opening event at the Beatnik Lounge in Joshua Tree, California.

MP3 digital download, recorded in 1995 on Maui, with Joe Gallivan on drums (and producing) and Brian Cuomo on piano - improvised/one take/no overdubs.  Four wildly re-harmonized cover tunes and ten original improvisations.  The bass player is Brian Cuomo's left hand. Recorded by Renato Guasconi.  Please wear headphones.


1. Night Vision
2. I've Got It Bad
3. Magic Mirror
4. 'Round Midnight
5. Intensity
6. Parallel Universe
7. Evolution
8. Internal Directions
9. Hypersonic
10. In a Sentimental Mood
11. Walk the Walk
12. Zones
13. Night Moves
14. Stella by Starlight