Shoebox for Sustainability greeting card and matching envelope

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5" x 7" greeting card with matching white envelope. 

The cover image is a photograph of a visualization shrine made of found objects by Alicia Bay Laurel while leading a shrine-making workshop at a Living on the Earth weekend workshop organized by Kurkku, an environmentalist arts group, in Doshi, Yamanashi Province, Japan, in October 2006. 

A visualization shrine is a three dimensional prayer for a desired outcome. This shrine is a wish that humans find a sustainable way of life, humbly renewing the environment of planet Earth.

Before attending Alicia's shrine workshops, participants declutter their homes, and bring bags of unwanted small objects and graphics (such as old magazines and cards).  At the workshop, everyone lays these objects on a large table, and all hunt amongst these offerings for images that have significance to their visualizations.  If the workshop is held in a forest or near the ocean, the participants will also find objects in nature to share at the workshop. 

The message on the inside of the card says:

Shoebox Shrine for Sustainability:

Simple Shoes shoe box
88 permaculture magazine cover
Ad for The Little Prince
Bay laurel leaf
Pine sprigs
Kimono cloth
Plant photos
Sea shells
Candy wrapper
Tiny broom
Hemp cord
Yarn from recycled saris
and love from
(this is where the sender signs his/her name)