"Songs from Being of the Sun" - full album (digital download)

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Post-theist visionary philosopher, author and avant-garde composer, Ramón Sender Barayón (Buchla Box analog synthesizer, zither, maraca and accordion), and author, visual artist, and singer/songwriter Alicia Bay Laurel (open-tuned guitar) sing and play the holy nature songs they composed and shared in their 1973 book, Being of the Sun

Ramón created the original recordings of these songs on a reel-to-reel tape recorder in 1973; Alicia got the archival tape digitized and remastered as a CD in 2013 by the late Oscar and Emmy award winning film composer Ron Grant, in his studio in Los Angeles. 

The photo of Alicia and Ramón on this page was taken in 1973.

These chants are much beloved by Wiccans, pagans and other nature worshippers!

Listen to the Spring Equinox Chant

Listen to the Summer Solstice Chant

Listen to the Autumn Equinox Chant

Listen to the Winter Solstice Chant