Hippie Hill 100% cotton unisex t-shirt, printed in the USA (print on demand)

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In the summer of 1970, Alicia Bay Laurel's first book, Living on the Earth, went to press in its first edition from The Bookworks, a tiny publishing company in Berkeley, California. Before it was released in September, Alicia created four San Francisco postcards, plus a 1971 one-page calendar (all available in this store), which she sold at outdoor street fairs. 

For one of the cards, she made this image of Hippie Hill, the meeting place where artists and other free spirits living in the nearby Haight Ashbury neighborhood gathered for drum circles, frisbee tossing, and happy visits while their children and dogs romped freely.

In adapting her postcard drawing for a t-shirt design, Alicia chose a pale green background to embody the combination of the lush greenery and frequent fog in Golden Gate Park, with purple lines to symbolize the psychedelic culture thriving in San Francisco.

The shirt is available in 8 sizes, and (if the supply chain gods are willing) 9 colors, for maximum freedom of expression!

The black and white photo of Hippie Hill on this page was taken in 1969 by Robert Altman.  The costumed dancer is Hibiscus, one of the founders and leaders of San Francisco's renowned psychedelic drag theatre troupe, the Cockettes.  (To learn more about the Cockettes, and see Altman's closer photo of Hibiscus dancing, please click the link.)

Alicia also wrote and recorded a jazz waltz titled Hippie Hill, which is the 9th track on her 7th album, More Songs from Living on the Earth.  A download of the song is available here.

Alicia frequently performed this song during her 21st century concert tours in Japan, often with an interpretive dancer.   The color photo on this page was taken in 2015 at the Bagus live house (night club) on the beach in Wakayama town in Wakayama prefecture.

Alicia has also added a larger version of the artwork on this page, so that you can see the details and get a truer version of the background color.

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